Friday, April 11, 2008

Guerrilla Season Poem by Hanna

The night is dark and still,
But you know they are there,
Maybe they aren’t there to get you, but they’re after someone.
After lying still for hours he hears it, the sounds that no fifteen year old should have to wake up to in the night.
He grabs his gun and runs outside, he is the man of the house and he has to defend his love ones, whether he wants to or not.

It’s too late, the flames are in the clouds,
The scream pierces his ears as he runs towards the only light in the cold dark night,
He stops as hears the gun shots and even more screams,
After running toward the flames he now can’t move,
He knows what had just happened.
Now, so close to the house he sees the monsters that have done this,
Knowing they are proud with sinful smiles on their faces he turns around knowing there is nothing he can do for this family.

1 comment:

Pat Hughes said...

Hanna -

The flames in the clouds, the sinful smiles, the sounds no 15-year-old should have to hear ... I love this poem!

- Pat