Friday, April 11, 2008

Alternate Ending From Alexis

Ma was rushing to get the needed things while Betsy and I watched over Molly and Tyler. My mind was racing “Where was matt?”, “What is he left us?” While pacing back and forth Betsy was trying to keep the little ones calm. Just as I was about to ask Clay again where Matt was, Matt walked through the door.

“Matt! Where’s Salt? What about Jesse?” I asked but he just walked pass me, and went to his room. I knew he didn’t want to move and probably wanted some time to himself, but I wanted different. I wanted to talk with Matt, to get his approval to go. To get approval “To leave Pa” as Matt had put it so many times before. Ma called for Betsy to help so I watched over the little ones. Would they remember any of this? Tyler probably never would except for the stories but Molly has seen things that no child should have to see. If we move than our family will stay whole. I won’t let anyone take Matt again. Clay seemed to notice my troubled thinking for he subtlety coughed and looked at me with concerned eyes. What did he care! He could less if we never came back. Even I don’t want to come back but if Matt is coming back I will come with him. I looked back to see Ma and Matt coming down the stairs. Clay grabbed Tyler and Betsy took Molly as they headed to the wagon. I grabbed my things and started off myself but I noticed Matt wasn’t getting on! In a panic I rushed to Clay.

“Where’s he going Clay? I thought he was coming!” I was practically screaming at him.

“Calm down Ben.” Clay said setting down Tyler. “He’s just giving his farm one last good-bye”

Taking deep breaths I slowly got on the wagon. I knew how hard it was for Matt. He had given up a lot. After a few minutes Matt joined us on the wagon and grandpa started off. Matt said not a word and silently looked back at the farm he was leaving, possibly forever. I looked down at the ground eventually giving in to Molly and listen to her songs. I looked over again at Matt and just before he could wipe it away I saw one tear and my heart ached for my brother. I hope he finds happiness in the North because that’s all I wish for. I wish for my brother’s happiness.

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Pat Hughes said...

Alexis -

I love your alternate ending, and I think it's really cool the way you also used an alternate point of view. Terrific job!

- Pat

Anonymous said...

This is cool.

-bIrDiE gIrLy 1994