Monday, March 24, 2008

Final Project Options

At the end of the Guerrilla Season book blog project we are asking each student participant to complete one of the following options as a final project. There are five options which should appeal to a variety of learning styles. Please choose a minimum of one - if you wish to do more than one that would be awesome.

These projects will be due on midnight of April 4, 2008. We will be posting some examples of student projects on the blog so we encourage you to turn in a digital copy of your work (graphic, word document, MP3 file, etc.) to the following e-mail:

Please choose a minimum of one - if you wish to do more than one that would be awesome. Your project is worth 25 possible points.

Option#1 - Design a Book Cover
Imagine that Pat Hughes has contacted you to design a new cover for the paperback version of Guerrilla Season. The cover should include the name of the novel and the name of the author. You decide what images you want on the cover that represent the novel. The image should fit on a standard sheet of paper – around 8” by 10”. The image needs to be in full color and send as an image to the e-mail address.

Option #2 - Write an Alternate Ending to the Novel
Here is your chance to write a different ending to the novel Guerrilla Season. You can change the last couple of pages or just simply add on to the current ending. Your alternate ending should be at least 200 words.

Option #3 - Interview a Character
Sit down and conduct an interview with any of the characters from Guerrilla Season. Your interview should be a minimum of 5 questions. You can turn in a typed paper copy of your interview or record the interview in audio format using the Audacity program and then turn in the MP3 file as your final project.

Option #4 - Comic Book Scene
Take a favorite scene from the novel and create a 9 panel comic strip depicting the scene. You can use makers or colored pencils. Be sure to include some text on the comic strip and include a short description of the scene you are depicting in your comic.

Option #5 - Poem
Write a poem inspired from the novel. You can focus on a character, an event, an emotion or a feeling. You are free to use any format you wish for your poem. You may turn in a typed copy of your poem or turn in an audio version recorded with the Audacity program.


Anonymous said...

After reading and finishing Guerrilla Season all I can say is WOW. I mean I had trouble trying to stay focused for the longest time, but toward the end I finally got something out of it. That something was somewhat of a good story.

Anonymous said...

I am glad we got to read Guerrilla Season, because if I were just reading it on my own i probabaly would have quit because the beging was boring, but now that I have read farther I am glad because it got more interesting towards the end. Guerrilla Season also helped me understand what it was like to be living during the Civil War.


Anonymous said...

i am glad we had to read that book because it is one of my favorite books now, defiantly to 5. my favorite thing about reading it is reading about claycounty and liberty and osawatamie and places like that. cause it is fun reading a book with the setting of where i live adn where my mom lives it is so cool. i know know what it might have been like for a boy in the civil war time.


Anonymous said...

So far the book Guerrilla season has been a better book then i thought it would be. when I read it i really get an understanding and a feeling of how it must have been in those times during the war.

Anonymous said...

well i do know one thing about this book. It is way better than i thought it would be when i first started reading it, i thought it was just gonna be another boring assignment that we had to do but it turned to be the opposite. It gave me an interesting novel to read that isn't half bad. All in all i can say that i mildly enjoyed this assignment. I mean its school you cant get much more exciting than this.


Anonymous said...

i agree with some of you on this particular topic though i still hold my own beliefs.